You read the social media and marketing books.  You attend the seminars and listen to the podcasts by the experts and “thought leaders.”

And your written communication strategies are still not getting the results you hoped for…


That’s because there is no simple magic formula or single technique for getting your business noticed.

I’ve been writing professionally for three decades.  As the founder of Vermont Shortbread Company in 1996, I successfully dipped my feet into social media marketing long before Facebook and Twitter existed.

I can help you:

  • discover your company’s voice and personality – in writing and in speaking
  • create consistent, engaging content that people WANT to share
  • get noticed in traditional media outlets
  • develop a social media strategy that fits your talents and abilities, audience and resources
  • automate communications without compromising the personal touch

AZ Communications works with small to medium-sized businesses to develop creative, jargon-free written communications strategies that turn your customers’ attention into action.